Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Welcome to my life

Hello, and welcome to my blog.
I decided to start this blog more as an online diary for me and my family to look at and to look back on , that kind of thing. if along the way i pick up some readers who enjoy the content that will make me very happy.
Basically I will be posting as often as i feel i need/want to about our day to day lives. What we have been up too, big news, little news and anything in between.
In my family there is me Rachel "the mummy"
 Peter "the daddy"
Courtney "daughter number 1"
Layla "daughter number 2"
and our pets Menace and madison the dogs and Angel,Minnie and Midnight the cats.
We are just your average kind of family, we have fun, we have tantrums, we have really busy days and we have days were we don't get out of our pjs and watch Disney all day.
To go along side this blog i have started filming short videos of our day a few minutes long and uploading them to you tube under the channel name ladyluck0211
I'm looking forward to seeing where this adventure goes and how much we all change from day to day week to week and year to year.
This is us, just being us and below is the link to my you tube page.

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