Thursday, 17 April 2014

Easter half term

School holidays, where do you start keeping your children entertained when they have no school for 2 weeks and the weather outside is very hit and miss.
This half term we decided to make he most of any sunshine that we did get as it is never a guarantee around here that you will get any. We live in a small town and as much as my girls love the beach we decided to stay closer to home for these holidays as Layla was due to start some settling in session for her new adventure "nursery!" my little girl is growing up. So we have been spending our sunny days going for walks around the woodland and park visits lots of playing in the garden where we are fortunate enough to have a trampoline, swing set, slide and seesaw, helping daddy wash the car. Basically anything that takes us outside.  Now the weather is forecast to change come the weekend so no more peek a boo from behind trees and time to turn our attention to indoor activities,I am sure we will have a duvet day with the latest DVD or some painting or model making. ill be sure to post about any of the creations we do make in the future.
Our big goal for the nice weather is bike rides, both girls received bikes this year Courtney's first big girl bike (no stabilisers) and Layla's first real bike as a step up from her trike. Now neither girl is very good on the new bikes at this point in time but by summer i plan to have them both super confident and whizzing around having a blast :)
For now I'm hoping we get a few nice days to break up any rain for the last part of the school holidays as i find it  much easier to fill the days when we can get outside. Layla had the last of her settle sessions today and is so far loving nursery and having that time away with children her age in a group all doing things together. Which leaves us the next few days all together as a complete unit to enjoy Easter, I'm sure there is an  egg hunt in our near future too! It will soon be back to normal with mummy and daddy back to work and the girls back to school, so until then, may the fun continue.
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