Saturday, 17 May 2014

Sunny Saturday

What a glorious day we had today, we spent the whole day in te garden enjoying the sun, poor daddy had to work so missed all the fun. We have just thrown away our paddling pool from last year so a nice pool was the only thing missing but we managed just fine without one. We played and ate ice cream and even ate lunch outside in the sun, I had to wash all the table and chairs done first of course as it's been sat out since last summer and was quite dirty. 
Layla enjoyed a spot of sunbathing, almost falling asleep which of course I didn't allow, much to young for a snooze in the sun. Even the dogs enjoyed the sun for a while.
There not big fans of the heat though so after a while running around the garden and lots of water they lay in the shade until I put them back indoors out of the sun to cool off. We are expecting another hot day tomorrow and this time daddy is going to be home so tomorrow should be  fantastic too, were planning a BBQ for dinner and possibly popping out to buy a pool if it's as hot as today was. The most important thing though is that we will all be together for the whole day :) definitely something to look forward too! 

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