Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Were at the zoo :)

The weather here has been so nice lately, were having so much fun. We took a trip to the nearest zoo we have by us, it's not the best but it's enough to have a fun day out with the family and there's plenty of room to have picnics and icecreams. They also have a playground area so you can really make a day of it. 

The girls both love animals so much, it really wouldn't surprise me if one of them needed up in a career with animals when there older. The highlight of the visit for them both was that the meerkats had babies so we spent a lot of time watching then digging and running around playing together, they were super adorable :)

The whole family had a great time and the girls even fed some goats while we were there, Layla was a bit unsure of them at first bit after watching Courtney do it a bit she was more than happy to get stuck in. 
The nice weather doesn't seen to be going anywhere so as it's the weekend tomorrow I'm hoping to get the paddling pool out and hopefully we will be getting the playhouse the girls wanted too so I'm sure there will be something new to post about after a weekend of sun, pools, playhouses and BBQs. 

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