Saturday, 24 May 2014

First BBQ of summer

Sunshine brings BBQs and we had out first BBQ of the year. It was nice having a day with all of us together playing around in the garden and having fun. 
The girls played on the garden toys for so long making up game and chasing each other, it was so much fun to watch I love listening in on there made up games, there imaginations are fantastic. 
We had lunch in the garden and then enjoyed a spot of sunbathing :)
Then it was BBQ time, Courtney loves BBQ food Layla just enjoys eating in the garden and always eats more of the salads and pastas than the actual BBQ food. 
But of course no BBQ would be complete without ice lollies after to finish off the day so that's exactly what we did. 
I'm actually wiring this a week after the BBQ happened because I have been so busy decorating. But this weekend the weather is so bad I'm not sure what were going I get up to. I hope it picks up for the half term week ahead and we have some nice weather ahead. 

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