Friday, 18 April 2014

Feeding the ducks, and making grass heads!

Hello and welcome to another day with my beautiful family. Today was one of those days where i woke up and thought oh dear today is going to be a long day unless i make a plan now. A bit of back story now, you see daddy has been working very long hours for the past couple of weeks because lets me honest extra money in the summer is always nice to have, and so the girls have missed out on some daddy time because he has often left the house before there tired little heads even think of waking up. Well this morning daddy left before the girls had emerged from there bedrooms but alas not before miss Layla had woken up. Resulting in her hearing daddy leave and watching him drive away from her bedroom window and realising today was another day without daddy. This led to me being frantically woken up with a very distressed little lamb crying her little heart out because "i just miss my daddy." So cute but not at 8am before i have even had time to figure out what is causing so much dismay.
A few mummy cuddles later and she was back to her normal self and both girls were  running around laughing and playing, but it wasn't to last. Layla having started her day with tears was very emotional and this resulted in what would normally be a minor disagreement being blown way out of proportion and me hearing "mmmmuuuuuummmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyy!" way more than i would have liked, that's when i realised before i even stepped out of bed that if we were going to get through the day without lots of silly argument's between the girls we needed a plan. Luck was on my side and the weather didn't look to bad outside so i thought lets do something both girls enjoy and thus far this Easter we hadn't done, let go and feed the ducks.
So we did, we had breakfast got dressed and already with the promise of doing something fun if they got ready nicely we were having a much better day. Off  went to the shops to get some bread and we were off to the duck pond. When we arrived luck was once  as we were the only people there and there were ducks and birds at the pond we had never seen there before. We also got to see a swan in a nest looking after some eggs.The girls were very excited by this i think mainly because of its sheer size (this thing was huge) and the fact it was there first real life nest. We finished up our bread and we watched the ducks for a while before heading home for lunch. 
After lunch Courtney said "what are we going to do this afternoon mummy?" So we decided to do something we have been waiting all week for a rainy day to do (it wasnt raining but we really wanted to try this out). We made our grass heads. The girls each drew themselves ready to stick on there cups.
Here's Layla's:
And here is Courtney's
We stuck them to some plastic cups ready for fill with soil and grass seed,we even made one for daddy. We will see how they turn out but the girls are very excited. So after a hard start we wound up having a really good day and went to bed with smiles all round. As always a short video of our day is on our you tube channel here:

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