Saturday, 26 April 2014

The weekend has landed

Yay, the weekend is here and my girls are home with me :) I love the weekends when I have all day to spend at home with my girls. Today started off really grey so I wasn't to sure what I was going to do, we decided to start our day off by doing Courtney's homework. She is learning about the different habitats of animals at the moment and has to pick a jungle animal and make a model of it this weekend. She has until Wednesday to hand it in so we got started early as she wanted to paper mache a snake so we wanted to give it lots of time to set. we got Layla involved making her a smaller snake of her own to mould. I will add pictures of the finished snakes when they are completed and ready to go into school.Both girls loved getting messy and sticky with the glue and we had lots of laughs while we were moulding and sticking everything together.
The weather wasn't looking much better when we had finished so we headed upstairs and recorded an interview with the girls, 15 questions I plan to ask every 6-12 months and see how different there answers are each time. You can find both of there interviews over on the youtube channel if you would like to see those. I'm really interested in how they change in each video. Below are some pictures we took after the interviews we finished.

After that we had some soup for lunch then as the sun had started trying to break out we decided to put on our shoes and coats and go for a walk, Layla asked if we could take Madison with us for a walk in the woods and so that's what we did. She loves taking Madison as she can actually walk her rather than menace who tends to walk us (so he is usually left to daddy to walk) and off we went. We always get funny looks when people see us walking down the road, a 3 year old in charge of the lead on a staffordshire bull terrier. Unfortunately there is a stereotype around the breed and some people cant see past it, this has never bothered the girls though who are now used to people crossing the road to avoid walking past us or turning about so there dogs don't have to get close to ours.
They love the dogs and the dogs adore them. They have all grown up together and although people thought we were mad getting a puppy when we had a newborn baby we loved the idea of them having that companion right through there childhoods. They really are best friends and couldn't be without each other.
After we were finished in the woods we headed home to meet daddy who had been working and then we all hung out together before running a few errands. Nothing exciting just picking up a few bits from the shops etc, then we went home for dinner. The girls were treated to a take out pizza, not something we do very often but today that's what we decided to do. so while we were waiting for the pizza to arrive we all got in our pj's and when it arrived we all sat together under a blanket and watched a movie. We had a lovely day today and I'm looking forward to seeing what tomorrow brings.

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