Friday, 25 April 2014

Rain rain and more rain :(

Don't you just hate days where the rain doesn't stop all day long, well today is one of those days. Me and Layla had planned on going out on her bike for a bit  of practise while Courtney was at school but that never happened because we couldn't leave the house without ending up soaking wet. So it was an indoor day with the heating on staying warm and dry. Courtney had a birthday party to go to after school that she had been really looking forward to for a long time, so we didn't do much after school except have a bit of dinner and get ready for that. I'm glad it's the weekend so she will be home for a couple of days now and hopefully the weather will cheer up so we can have some outdoor time together doing something fun. 

I didn't post yesterday as I had nothing to write about I was up and at work super early in the morning and aside from Layla peeking out if her window and giving me a cheeky wave, not much happened.   

When I came home from work I was really tired and so we never really done anything worth mentioning. We just hung out and generally had a lazy evening. Daddy kind of took charge and done the homework and everything that needed done and I ended up having an early night. So when I woke up this morning I was refreshed and ready to have a more productive day. Then the rain came and forced us to be inside ( something Layla hates) she would much rather be outdoors doing something so I always find it harder so keep her entertained when we have to stay home. Any suggestions on keeping a 3 year olds attention indoors for longer than 5 minutes welcome :) she loves colouring and puzzles etc but only for 5 minutes then she gets fed up and wants something more. What do your children like to do when going outside isn't an option? 
On another note things are starting to happen with our grass heads and sunflower seeds so I will take some pictures and share those in the next few days (daddy has the most grass right now) so we will see how they look. The girls were very excited to realise that they were starting to grow. 
So that's what we have been up too for the past couple of days, let's see what the weekend brings. 

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