Sunday, 27 April 2014

A really lazy Sunday

Today we had a very lazy Sunday! I had the worst nights sleep last night, no idea why I was just very restless and woke up so any times. This morning I was of course super sleepy and although I had plans to do so much I really didn't have the energy levels to match up to my hopes for the day. The weather was miserable too so that limited us to being indoors, both girls seemed quite lazy today too so I'm praying we're not getting sick. So apart from the usually Sunday tasks (washing, uniforms, packed lunches etc) we put another layer of paper mache on the snakes were making and that was pretty much it. We played some games (pop up pirate, guess who, memory match) but really just lazed around and took it easy. Sometimes it's nice to just do nothing though isn't it. We never even got dressed today, of course we all had showers/ baths but we all just changed from one set of pj's to anther. Even the traditional Sunday roast got brushed off as too much effort and we decided on tacos instead. 
They were yummy. The girls love tacos and fajitas so I knew it was something they weren't going to say no too. 
After dinner we just hung out watched some TV together and had story time before we went to bed. Everyone was tired so it was early nights all round, boosting energy levels for school/work in the morning. 

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