Sunday, 15 June 2014

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the lovely daddy's out there. We woke daddy up in our house this morning to a big full English breakfast in bed with some homemade cards from the girls. 
We also made daddy a yummy and very chocolate filled cake for his Father's Day treat and we had his favourite for dinner. 
Daddy was if course in charge of the days activities and he decided to go for one of our family drives which usually involve driving around the countryside a and villages until we find something new or interesting. 
Well today we hit the jackpot. There were so many things going on that we found completely by accident. We stumbled across some sort of horse show/ racing that we watching for around half an hour which the girls loved as they both like horses. 
Next we came across an airfield where they were flying small planes and gliders. We watched these taking off and landing and circling the sky for around an hour before heading back into the road.
Then we really struck gold!! 
Layla came face to face with her 1st ever real life, on the ground helicopter! She is obsessed with helicopters and gets so excited whenever one flies by so you can imagine how she reacted when we stumbled upon this beauty just casually parked up in a pub car park.
The man who was with the helicopter was super nice and let the girls have a look around and take some pictures. He told them a bit about it, answered there questions and even told us when he would be taking off so Layla could see how it got up in the air. She said thankyou to the man about a million times and he said she was very sweet and he was pleased he could make her happy.
We waited in the car until it took off and Layla was surprised that it nearly blew her over! Courtney laughed a lot at being blown all around and the ducks all running away. 
It was an experience I don't think either of them will quickly forget and they both excitedly chatted about it all the way home, "Courtney did you see this" "Layla did you see that" 
We came home and after our dinner all had a slice of daddy's cake, it was delicious and well worth staying up half the night making. 
We have had a great Father's Day here, and I hope everyone else did too :) 

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