Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Getting back to normal

So peters dad got out of hospital and I'm hoping now things can get back to normal. He is still very unwell but is well enough to recover in his own home which is nice as now the girls can visit, they have missed him a lot while he has been in hospital as there very close. 
Layla is much better at going to school now and even goes in with a big smile 
She has been bringing home lots of wonderful creations everyday. Today she made a crown and had everyone at school calling her princess Layla! So cute, she was very proud of her crown, here she is showing it off at home. 
Things had gotten away from me at home between hospital visits, work and watching other peoples children so they could do hospital visits. So today while the girls were both at school I cracked on and gutted the whole house top to bottom and boy do I feel better for it. I'm currently sitting in bed in a clean bedroom knowing everywhere else is clean and tidy too and I feel like I can sleep better knowing im on top again. I plan to decorate Layla's bedroom tomorrow which I'm ashamed to admit has sat half finished for a very long time :(  I'll take some before and after shots and post them up when it's finished. 
The girls have been great and playing together really well while mummy and daddy have been tired and slightly distracted, I truly am blessed with 2 very special girls. 
I'm glad things are getting back to normal and now after getting on top of everything I fell behind on I'm hoping for some good weather this weekend so we can get out and do something fun! 
Just what we all need :) 

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