Monday, 21 April 2014

Mummy went back to work

Today was a strange day, with half term being here and a bit of illness just before i seems like i haven't had a working day for a really long time (only in fact 2 weeks) but even so going back to work today hit me hard. I missed the girls alot and they weren't to crazy on the idea either, expressing more than once this morning "i don't want you to go to work mummy" but i had too. Once i got into work i was fine and enjoyed some grown up conversation. I did however rush out the door as soon as my shift was done, collected the girls and we headed straight to the local playground. This along with the duckpond near by is one of our favourite places because we always seem to manage to get it to ourselves and its great to see the girls running around playing together.
They both had a great time and didn't want to leave but we had to cut our visit short because it was time to collect daddy from work.
After we picked daddy up we headed home for the first time today and we played with some toys, had dinner, then we cuddled up and watched some TV. When i said it was time to get ready for bed the girls asked if they could sleep over together in Courtney's room. Something they have done a lot these school holidays so we decided since this would be the last night before the school routine started again it was a great idea to have one last sleepover, so as i type up his blog post can hear the girls next door in Courtney's room talking and giggling away. Hearing them fills my heart with joy and seeing my girls getting long so well is the best feeling in the world. They are slowly becoming life long bestfriends and being there mummy makes  me proud everyday.

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