Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Layla's bedroom makeover

Layla's bedroom finally got finished this week. It has been a long time coming. When we moved into this house almost 2 years ago hers was 1 of only 3 rooms in the entire house that I didn't want to change as it was already decorated pretty much the way we wanted. It was a lovely lilac and hot pink colour scheme and she loved it. Unfortunately Layla went threw a phase of wallpaper picking and the room went from pretty perfect to pretty messed up in a few months. Then at the end of last summer we decorated a lot, the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom,Courtney's room and Layla's room all got done but Layla's never quite got finished. It had a first coat of paint, then half way through coat 2 we ran out only to discover the colour was discontinued and it left me stumped as to what to do for a while, I was looking online and In every hard wear store I could find. I eventually found one in the clearance trolley in the local store and was ready to go again. Layla had other ideas and decided again she was going to make a mess of her walls, this time with colouring pencils and pens. She broke some shelving she had on the walls which left a lovely lilac patch when I has removed what was left hanging in the wall. Now being totally honest I developed a why do I bother attitude with her room, why should I make it nice for her if she is just going to ruin it again is something I said more than once to anyone who seen the state her room was in. This is what her room was left like for almost 6 months, and the pictures don't so justice to how bad it actually looked. 
Then she changed, or just got a bit older, she has more of an understanding now of what's ok and what's not ok to do when she is alone in her room. So I decided it was time to make her room nice again. She had no idea I was planning to finish it and I wish I had been better prepared when I showed her the finished room because her face was priceless and I wish I had caught that moment in a picture. She is very happy with her finished room and so am I, let's hope she keeps it nice. 

I'm really pleased with the finished room and she loves having some books of her own instead of taking books out of Courtney's room for story time. I have also added a few of her favourite toys in there as she is old enough now to know bedtime isn't play time, so I trust her to not play when she should be sleeping. Now I only have 2/3 rooms left to decorate and I have everything done, but by then I may want to start again! Is it just me who loves to change things up? How often does everyone else redecorate there rooms?  I seem to be in a constant rotation but I do love the its finished feeling you get after you step back and look at a room you have been working on. My utility room is next in my agenda and that is going to happen very soon as it's the last room that looks terrible. In fact I might even do that next week! I have the big again now I've started, and I always find spring time the best time for a change. 

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