Wednesday, 23 April 2014

All by myself :(

So today was the day I have dreaded for the past week, Courtney went back to school and Layla started her full time days. I knew I was going to feel lost without them both, normally after school holidays it's so strange around the house and that's just because 1 child has gone to school so I knew today was going to be super weird for me. 
Let's just say I felt like I had lost a limb after dropping then both off today, I couldn't believe how quiet the house was. I just sat and felt lost for about half an hour when I realised I had no distractions and wow did I forget just how much you can actually get done in 6 hours when your not constantly being called from another room because somebody needs a drink or someone changed the channel by accident or someone isn't playing by the real rules :) I got so much stuff done today, I cleaned the whole house ( this is normally a 2 day job in itself these days ) I cleaned my makeup brushes, I washed and dried 2 loads of washing, I bathed the dogs and cleaned there bedding and I actually sat down and watched some TV (not nick jr) for the first time in forever!! But then I was clock watching until it was time to bring my babies home again. 
It will take a while to get used to having some free time, We decided to put Layla in nursery Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday because the days and hours I work are usually those days but my hours have altered slightly meaning I may not  be working on Tuesday and Wednesday very often now. So I have 2 days a week to get everything done that the kids hate me doing, cleaning etc. I will still be working on a Monday and a Thursday every week but daddy has Thursdays off so that's his day to spend time with little miss and that's why she isn't in nursery on a Thursday and I don't work Fridays so we still have that day together. 
After school the girls wanted to visit nanny and tell her all about there days so that is exactly what we did. We stayed there until dinner time then came home and got ready for bed. Everyone was really tired tonight from there hectic days so it was early to bed for the girls and I will be having an early one too. 

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