Monday, 28 April 2014

The day Layla cried :(

Today was a Monday like any other, we got up and dressed and took daddy o work. In fact nothing was different until it came time to take Layla to nursery. She was excited and had been asking me everyday since her last session "am i going to school today?" so what happened next caught me off guard a lot! I took her inside hung up her bag and coat and gave her a kiss goodbye and said i would see her when I finished work. That's when it happened, her whole attitude changed, her bottom lip popped out and a tear sneaked down her cheek. I said whats the matter as i swept her up into my arms and she broke down, really crying saying she didn't want me to go. needless to say i felt like my heart had been ripped out of my chest and stomped on many times over as i left her nursery this morning. i knew she would be OK once I left as she went through a phase of crying when i went to work even when she was staying with family so i knew it wasn't a problem with the nursery. I did however leave the staff with instructions to phone me at work had she not settled and the fact i hadn't had a call by lunchtime made me realise she was OK.
When it came time to collect her i walked in to see her laughing with her friends and having so much fun. I instantly felt relief that she was enjoying herself while i was away, the tears of this morning long forgotten for her while they lay heavy on my heart all day. She was making a mess playing in shaving foam when i arrived and was excited to tell me why her hair looked different (it was now in a bun because she wanted it to look like her teachers) she collected up her things waved goodbye to her teachers and friends an happily said "see you tomorrow" as she walked through the door.
I am so glad she was much happier when i collected her then then i left her and i hope that it was a one off and tomorrow will be different. Lets cross our fingers, as i don't think i could go through that everyday :(

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