Friday, 2 May 2014

What we have been up to

So it's been a while since I posted a blog, a few things have been going on and I have been super tired. My father in law has been in hospital and was quite poorly but seems to be on the mend now. We have been up to a few other things in between hospital visits and this is an updates post. We went on a shopping trip and found a pet shop where they have a parrot that is let out of its cage every day and just flies around the shop. This made me very excited as I'm a huge animal lover. It felt like a good day and I was feeling very lucky and blessed so I bought a scratch card and what to you know I won £10 :) 
The girls hasn't done anything fun for a while so we decided to bake a cake. For 2 reasons, first the girls love baking so much an I knew it would be an instant mood lifter and second we made daddy's favourite red velvet to cheer him up as he was worried about his own dad. It seemed to so the trick and everyone was much happier.
Courtney came home with another animal homework assignment this time to make an animal you might find in the dessert so she wanted to make a tarantula, given that it was more rushed than the previous weeks snake I was pretty happy with how it turned out and so was she.
In other news Layla is slowly getting much better at going to nursery, infancy just this morning she actually went in without crying at all, which is a huge improvement. Peter has had some time off work because of his dad and it has been nice to have him around a bit more, something I know both girls have been craving since he has been working so often. Without the stress of the hospital I think the past week would have been close to perfect for us. Things are looking up with his dad as I said and everyone is in much higher spirits. So let's see what happens next in this crazy life. 

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