Sunday, 20 April 2014

Egg hunt and lots of chocolate

Happy Easter!! Today we had a very laid back kind of day. We watched movies,  stayed in our pjs and of course had lots of chocolate. Just look at Layla's little chocolate covered face!
We did though have our usual egg hunt and the girls had an absolute blast hunting around for all the little eggs I had placed around the house. The weather prevented us from hiding any in the garden this year, but that didn't dampen the girls spirits at all. 

Of course once they found all the eggs they were allowed to eat some. Always a favourite part of the day. 
Then they of course needed to get cleaned up so we had a bath got all fresh and jumped straight into clean pjs and really just spent the rest of the day having some cuddles and watching the girls favourites on the TV. 
There was a few sword fights and roly polys along the way (Layla's new fav way to get around since Courtney taught her last week) but all in all we had a very cosy  chocolate filled Sunday and it was fab!! 

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