Saturday, 19 April 2014

Birthday parties are the best

Today we were invited to go along to our nephews 1st birthday party. The girls had a great time and there was plenty of food and party games. The biggest incident of the day was when Layla locked herself in the toilet along with her cousin, both of whom then freaked because they couldn't open it again. This was soon taken care of when there auntie climbed over the top and opened the door. Below are some pictures of the girls enjoying some birthday cake.

After the party ended the girls asked if there cousins could come for a sleepover. Because they don't live in the same town as us so we don't see them as often as the girls would like so we of course said yes. So the rest of the afternoon was spent amusing 4 children with games and some TV. Everyone had a great time although I'm sure I will be really tired tomorrow it was lovely to see the girls playing with there cousins and having so much fun. 

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